The Face D Periodic Magazine represents a meeting point dedicated to the exploration of the essential values ​​that characterize the brand. In this platform, you will be guided through a journey of the origins of the formulas, the manufacturing process and the practical application of the products, providing details on the ingredients, suggestions on optimal use and insights into clinical and instrumental tests, including their results.

This experience of discovery in dermocosmetics will be a journey of learning and enrichment, allowing you to fully appreciate the secrets that lie behind the products that you apply to your skin every day.

Before immersing ourselves in the world of dermocosmetics, we explain who Face D is, what the values ​​on which it is based and what is the distinctive vision that guides the brand.

Who is Face D?

Face D was born in Milan in 2013, from an idea by Chiara Sormani.

As a corollary to an international career in the world of beauty, Chiara founded Face D with the desire to recompose the dichotomy between make up and skin care. The challenge: to bring immediate needs and long-term needs into dialogue. Speed ​​and treatment. Now & Forever.

The result is a dermocosmetics brand that offers innovative and concrete answers to the skin's needs. A safe and effective pharmacy line, but with a design style.

Face D is a contemporary dermocosmetic reality: created to simplify, for people who don't have time and want quick and practical solutions, it gives immediate answers to specific needs. The identity is minimalist, the DNA versatile: from skin type, to gender, to age, the brand's products can interact with an established routine or be used exclusively.

Our commitment to greater sustainability

Sustainability is a path for Face D. The products live in glass packaging, or which often comes from recycled materials. For consistency they are preferred over plastics obtained from intensive crops, such as sugar cane. The paper used is FSC® (Forest Stewarship Council) certified, made in paper mills that reforest deforested areas. Even the packaging is recycled: the cardboard that arrives at the company is treated on site and given a second chance.

Every detail makes the difference. The offices are plastic free, the environments set to a reasonable temperature.

Travel takes place via electric cars, public transport, on foot or by bicycle.

To give greater value to these claims, consumers have the freedom to purchase products without packaging at a lower price, for a lower environmental impact. A substantial ecology choice, a subtraction of costs in favor of the environment. An option that aims to raise awareness of more conscious consumption.

Face D is synonymous with self-care without obsessions: the effectiveness of dermocosmetics and the safety of products certified and approved by dermatologists. It's quality at a reasonable price. Sustainability as a real path, of small daily gestures and doing.

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