SunKissed effect - Alessandra Rizzo, Makeup Artist

Effetto SunKissed - Alessandra Rizzo, Makeup Artist

Can you feel summer approaching too?! Sea, heat, sun and… tan!
Who doesn't like lying warm on the beach soaking up the sun, replacing the winter pallor, with a healthier complexion, improving our mood and increasing vitamin D levels?

The color that the skin takes on in summer is something wonderful: the colours, the brightness and the lightness.

For this reason I treat the leather so that it maintains these characteristics.
The first thing I use after exposure is the refreshing after-sun mask to give immediate relief and reduce any redness resulting from prolonged exposure. I continue my hydration with a serum or a normal moisturizing cream, or Hydraglow Aftertan , a fluid after-tanning cream which, thanks to golden micro pearls, gives instant brightness by sculpting the face without shining, but above all enhances and prolongs my tan.

A perfect combo to always have a healthy complexion but also ideal as a make-up base on summer evenings as it makes the complexion luminous and homogeneous that just a touch of lipstick will be enough to complete our look. But what if we wanted to have this tone all year round instead?

This is where makeup comes into play: how to recreate a "sun kissed" effect? We start from the base as usual and correct the winter complexion with CC Cream all over the face, choosing from the available colors the one that is closest to our complexion. Please.. don't make brown masks! :D

Makeup is beautiful when it's there and you can't see it! So to check that the color is right, try it on your chin and neck. If your neck is lighter, as it naturally is because it gets less and less sun, blend a little colored cream there too.

Let's correct our beloved dark circles with a touch of anti dark-circles and a veil of concealer just where needed. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of powder, but if you notice that you're too shiny, act where necessary, especially if you have oily skin.

Once the base has been prepared, I use the compactBronzing Earth on the cheeks, temples and bridge of the nose, to recreate that redness-first tan effect that comes naturally when we sunbathe. Let's go step by step for this product too. I apply a first layer with a blush brush and blend it well. Only later do I decide whether to intensify it with a second coat or whether to blend a blush together to increase the "I sunbathed" effect.

And why not, a coat of highlighter on the cheekbones and tip of the nose to complete the base.

Please, don't become like Rudolf!

Let's move on to the eyebrows, which I like to make a little wild by combing them all upwards with a transparent gel and possibly filling in where needed with a pencil.

On the eyelashes I apply my beloved Black Keratine Mascara : volumizing and lifting with waterproof performance, formulated with vegetable keratin to thicken and promote the natural resistance of the eyelashes. To give a more "voluminous" effect I apply it with a "zig-zag" movement; if instead I want a more elongated effect I simply apply it by pulling it well from the roots to the ends.

To complete the look I leave the choice to you: leave your makeup so natural, apply a nice lipstick or show off dark-toned eye makeup!

The choice of cream or powder products is also up to you because it always depends on our skin and our personal taste. Personally I love the cream ones, especially to recreate these effects, because they give me that brightness and transparency that skin has in summer. This also applies to colors.

A "sun kissed" look that's quick and easy to wear when we feel down or a little dull, to give us a breath of summer breeze!

May summer always be with you!


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