Keratin as an active ingredient in eyelash products

La Cheratina come principio attivo nei prodotti per le ciglia

In the increasingly vast universe of care and beauty products, the search for beauty extends to every part of our body, including eyelashes. Among the numerous ingredients that populate the labels of eyelash cosmetics, one stands out for its effectiveness and popularity: keratin. This active ingredient, originally from the world of dermatology and hair care, is also gaining ground in the eyelash care products sector, promising surprising results. But what makes keratin so special and how can it help improve the beauty of our eyelashes?

What makes keratin special?

Keratin is a fibrous protein naturally present in our body, known for its strength and elasticity. It is the main constituent of hair, skin and nails, providing them with structure and strength. In eyelash care products, keratin is often used for its hydrating, strengthening and protective properties. Thanks to its ability to penetrate and seal the cuticles of the lashes, keratin can help repair damage caused by aggressive treatments or the external environment, making the lashes stronger, more flexible and resistant to breakage.

One of the main benefits of keratin in eyelash products is its ability to provide hydration and nourishment. Eyelashes can become dry and brittle due to factors such as excessive use of mascara, heat treatment or exposure to harsh weather conditions. Applying keratin-enriched products can help restore the natural moisture of your lashes, improving their elasticity and reducing the appearance of breakage and breakage.

Additionally, keratin is known for its strengthening properties. Applied regularly to the hairs of the eyelashes, it can help strengthen the structure of the hair, making it less susceptible to damage caused by daily manipulation, such as rubbing the eyes or applying and removing make-up. This can help preserve the length and density of your lashes over time, promoting healthy, vigorous growth.

Another important aspect of keratin in eyelash products is its ability to protect hairs from harmful external agents. Keratin forms a protective layer around the hair, which protects it from the harmful effects of UV rays, air pollution and chemicals found in cosmetics. This can help prevent damage caused by external factors, keeping your lashes in optimal condition and prolonging their life.

Finally, keratin can help improve the aesthetic appearance of eyelashes, making them smoother, shiny and well defined. Applied regularly, it can help reduce the appearance of dry, dull or messy lashes, giving them a healthy, well-groomed appearance. Furthermore, keratin can promote better adhesion of mascara and other eyelash products, improving their durability and overall aesthetic effect.

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