Cleansing: the right products to use according to your needs

La detersione: i prodotti giusti da utilizzare in base alle proprie necessità

Cleansing represents the first fundamental step in maintaining healthy and radiant skin, eliminating impurities and preventing the clogging of pores. This process not only cleans the skin but, if carried out correctly, also prepares the epidermis for subsequent skincare treatments, making it more receptive and improving the absorption of the active ingredients.

The success of cleansing strictly depends on the choice of the right cleanser, whether gel, biphasic make-up remover or micellar water, each suited to the specific needs of the skin. Let's explore the benefits of correct cleansing, following the steps for effective cleansing and choosing the most suitable products for each skin type and time of day.

Choosing the Ideal Detergent

Choosing the right cleanser is crucial to keeping your skin healthy and meeting the specific needs of each skin type. For dry skin, oil-based or delicate foaming cleansers are recommended that do not strip the skin of its natural oils, ensuring hydration and nourishment. On the contrary, for those with oily or combination skin, foaming cleansers are ideal because they help to deeply purify, removing excess sebum and preventing the formation of imperfections.

Specific Detergents for Type of Need

  • Cleansing Gel : ideal for all skin types, it offers light hydration and removes make-up residues effectively. Pure Cleanse has a normalizing and sebum-regulating effect, ideal for rebalancing the skin, both in impure and dry areas.
  • Biphasic make-up remover : suitable for all skin types, removes heavy and waterproof make-up. Instant Makeup Remover is composed of a milky phase which also dissolves waterproof make-up and an aqueous phase which limits the sensation of greasiness.
  • Micellar Water : gently cleanses the skin without rinsing. Instant Glow is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Lactic Acid, to intensely hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

These products should be chosen carefully, considering the specific needs of the skin to ensure the best cleansing possible without compromising skin health.

The Benefits of Correct Cleansing

Correct cleansing offers numerous benefits that go beyond simply cleansing the skin. First of all, it effectively removes make-up, sebum and impurities, preventing the formation of acne and blackheads. This is especially crucial for oily or acne-prone skin, which tends to overproduce sebum, making the skin shiny and with visible enlarged pores. Proper cleansing helps keep pores clear and the skin surface more even.

Furthermore, adequate cleansing helps preserve the natural hydrolipidic balance of the skin, essential to protect it from irritation and inflammation. This is particularly important for sensitive skin that is easily irritated and can become aggravated due to environmental factors, stress or unsuitable products. Using cleansers specific to your skin type, such as gels for oily skin or more hydrating formulas for dry skin, can ensure that your skin remains hydrated, supple and less prone to redness or flaking.

Cleansing not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin, but also contributes to its general well-being. By removing impurities and pollutants, the skin can breathe better and function effectively as a barrier against external aggressions. This cleansing process, when performed regularly in the morning and evening, ensures that the skin remains bright, soft and healthy, reflecting an overall more well-groomed and youthful appearance.

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