Why is skincare important for flawless makeup? - Alessandra Rizzo, Makeup Artist

Perché è importante la skincare per un makeup impeccabile? - Alessandra Rizzo, Makeup Artist

Have you ever tried to paint a picture starting from an imperfect canvas? The canvas is your skin and the make-up is the product I use to paint. Did I get the idea?

Let me introduce myself, I am Alessandra Rizzo, professional Makeup Artist in various sectors: from fashion to wedding, from television to cinema, which has become my main occupation in recent years.

Skincare is the starting point for an ad hoc framework

Often when they ask me what makeup I recommend, first of all, I ask them what type of daily skincare they follow since having well-groomed and well-treated skin is essential for having flawless make-up.

We are always looking for the best concealer to cover pimples, when instead we should be looking for the most appropriate treatment to reduce imperfections. Obviously there are cases in which, for various reasons, it is difficult to counteract our "defects" (if we want to call them that) but everything can be improved with the right treatment.

It is essential to remove make-up at the end of the day, in fact completely removing make-up from the entire face allows the skin not to accumulate dirt in the pores, which give rise to the famous blackheads and pimples.

If you remove your makeup well you're already halfway there.

Moisturizing your skin is the second most important thing.

Why is skincare important for flawless makeup? - Alessandra Rizzo, Makeup Artist

I like to play with different textures based on the season of the year or time of day. For example, I like to use light serums with sun protection, especially in the summer, such as the HydraSun Invisible Cream SPF50 moisturizer; instead in the winter period I use richer and more nourishing creams, for example Antipollution Firming Cream .

In addition, once or twice a week, I use extra treatments such as Pure Plump HA4 Hyaluronic Acid Mask to give a hydration boost or Pure Lift Elastin & Collagen to reinvigorate the skin.

Hand massage (or with mineral stone accessories) is also very useful: it helps to relax and relax the skin, improving circulation and appearance and can be performed at any moment of relaxation.

Before any make-up, I always carry out a skin analysis, so as to be able to work correctly on the face.

Certainly, a fundamental step is to ensure that the eye contour is always well hydrated to avoid annoying expression lines.

Must have par excellence: Fast Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream combined with the Instant Depuffing Eye Mask .

Doing skincare doesn't just mean improving the appearance of the skin, but it also serves to prepare it for receiving makeup and ensure that it lasts better.

Well yes, putting a foundation on non-hydrated skin means that the latter will absorb the liquids contained in our product, leaving other substances on the surface, such as the various pigments for example. Here's a beautiful cracked effect! which will hardly remain on our skin for more than half an hour.

The choice of skincare, in fact, determines the performance of the makeup and the final result tells us whether we have made the right choice of products or not.

If desired, effects on the skin can also be achieved

For example, if I wanted to do makeup with very luminous skin, I would use a very rich cream to recreate a glowy effect.

Or I can decide to use only creams and make light corrections with a concealer, recreating a "nude effect".

Otherwise, by not putting creams at all and going directly with the make-up on the skin, I will definitely get a more matte effect.

Obviously, it is always very important to follow your own skin and understand what can and cannot be done, to avoid obtaining the opposite effect of what we wanted.

Knowing how to listen will make the difference.

May skincare always be with you!

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