Evening skincare: a nightly pampering for healthy and regenerated skin

Skincare serale: una coccola notturna per una pelle sana e rigenerata

Evening skincare is not just a skin treatment, but also an opportunity to dedicate time and pamper yourself before immersing yourself in a sweet night's sleep. Nighttime skincare works during your night's sleep to provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs, allowing you to wake up with visible results and healthy, glowing skin.

Makeup Removal and Cleansing

The first step in starting your evening skincare is to remove your makeup, making sure to cleanse your face completely to prevent the buildup of dirt and oil in your pores. Double cleansing is not always necessary if you use a multi-functional product specific to the type of makeup you wear. For water-proof make-up, the most suitable is a biphasic make-up remover , preferably ophthalmologically tested to avoid the burning sensation in the eyes. Alternatively, when the make-up is lighter, you can opt for Micellar Water , lighter and more hydrating. Important to make sure you also clean the neck area.

For a classic cleansing, always make sure to choose the type of cleanser best suited to your needs, especially if you have skin with imbalances in sebaceous production. The skin is thus ready for the next skincare steps.


Exfoliation is a fundamental step in evening skincare and can be done once or twice a week to promote cell renewal. It also helps improve the absorption of other products.

Apply Tonic

After the cleansing phases, the skin will be ready to receive subsequent treatments. This is when toner can be applied to help restore the skin's natural pH. We recommend choosing between toners based on rose water, aloe vera gel or other ingredients such as thermal water that adapt to the needs of your skin.

Specific Treatments

In the presence of particular skin problems, such as acne, dark spots or wrinkles, this is the right time to apply targeted treatments. Therefore, use a serum and cream containing active ingredients specific to your individual needs. For example, hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates, vitamin C brightens the face and helps lighten skin blemishes, retinol reduces wrinkles. Apply treatments according to the product instructions and with gentle upward movements.

Deep hydration

Hydration of the face and body is a step that should never be overlooked, not even in nighttime skincare, as it helps restore the skin barrier and reduce dryness. Gently massage the face cream onto your neck as well, taking care to avoid the eye area. The same concept also applies to the body, applying a hydrating and nourishing cream on the arms, legs, décolleté and abdomen. As a shock treatment, a couple of times a week, it is also possible to use a night mask , making sure to always use products suited to your needs and skin type.

Specific Eye Treatment

Some moisturizers are also suitable for the eye contour area, which is very delicate and more prone to showing signs of aging. However, due to its nature, this area requires special care and it is advisable to use specific products for the eye contour that are rich in hydrating and antioxidant ingredients, obviously ophthalmologically tested. This will help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Moisturizing Lip Balm

Lips also need care. You can finish your nighttime skincare by applying a hydrating lip balm, containing shea butter or coconut oil, before going to sleep to keep them soft and prevent dryness and chapping during the night. Or by applying a specific cream for the lip contour that acts on the barcode and prevents it.

Night Skincare vs. Daily Skincare: What Are the Differences?

During the night, the skin becomes particularly receptive to cosmetic formulations, creating the perfect opportunity for targeted care. However, that doesn't mean daily skincare is any less important.

The main difference between the two lies in their objectives.

Morning or daytime skincare primarily focuses on protecting your skin throughout the day. The products used are specially designed to protect it from sun damage and pollution, which can cause dryness and premature aging.

On the other hand, the evening beauty routine focuses on cleansing the skin - removing impurities accumulated during the day, makeup residues and excess sebum - and regenerating the skin. It is therefore essential to carefully clean and purify the skin so that you can subsequently use tonics, serums and boosters specific to your skin's needs, which will be absorbed during the night.

Night time skincare as a time for yourself

Nighttime skincare represents a personal care ritual that allows the skin to regenerate during sleep. Following an effective nighttime routine will not only help you achieve healthy, glowing and visibly improved skin, but will also allow you to take time for yourself and relax, leaving the stress of the day behind. Always use products suitable for your skin type and be consistent in their application. With a little attention and care, it will be possible to wake up every day with healthy, pampered and rejuvenated skin.

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