What is the "Derive e Approdi" project?

" Derive e Approdi " is a project of Milan Municipality against human trafficking and exploitation in all its forms, from prostitution to domestic violence, from begging rackets to illegal hiring. The Municipality operates on the territory with immediate support units, which provide food, accommodation and health care in emergency, and with dedicated counters. The aim is to help the victims to start a new path of life and freedom with plans for work and social reintegration.

Why "Drifts and Landings"?

At Face D we believe that the exploitation of human beings represents a violation of fundamental rights and we think that opposing the violation of these rights means working for a greater social justice that leads to the creation of an inviolable heritage available for the whole society. We believe in a concrete and daily solidarity that improves the surroundings. That is why we chose to give our support starting from the community around us. “Derive e Approdi” deals specifically with the areas of Milan, Como, Monza Brianza, Sondrio and Varese, tangibly and promptly contributing with various support units throughout the territory.

How does Face D contribute concretely?

Face D donates 3% net of each purchase on the .com to this project in collaboration with Milan Municipality , so that each purchase goes beyond a good face cream and becomes a concrete action of solidarity for the construction of inviolable rights heritage that cannot be ignored for the construction of a fairer society. During 2021, together with Derive and Approdi, Face D contributed to work and social reintegration of 3 young Nigerian women victims of trafficking.

For Maryam, the funds were used to finance an internship in a restaurant, with the payment of an attendance allowance and the constant monitoring of a tutor who supported the young woman and the company in building the delicate relationship between the parties during the work placement.

For Latifah and Joy, two young mothers, Face D's support enabled them to reconcile and find a balance between their work and childcare commitments.

In any case, thanks to the support they received, these women were able to regain their dignity and look to the future with greater confidence and hope.

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